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Here's a story 'bout  man named Larry...

Anyone with even half a nerd gene knows that the Wachowski brothers were the guys behind the Matrix Trilogy and V for Vendetta, among other things. They were kinda geeky, kinda spiritual and possibly into the music of Lincoln Park. Their tight lipped refusals to talk to the press built up quite the mystique around them. People assumed this was because they wanted their films to speak for themselves but there may have been other reasons.

When the first Matrix hit movie theatres Larry Wachowski was a regular looking guy who had been married to his college sweetheart for 15 years. Move on, nothing to see here. By the time V for Vendetta came out Larry had turned into a dominatrix-loving, BDSM obsessed woman named Lana. To say success changes people is a big fucking understatement.

The director formerly known as Larry

2001 seems to be the year that some irrevocable shit went down for Larry, though prior to being famous no one cared to noticed so who’s to know? Anyway it’s on record that the director formerly known as Larry first met his future dominatrix/girlfriend at a West Hollywood club called the Dungeon. The Dungeon was what you’d expect - chips, dips, chains, whips, bondage and needles through the penis – you get the picture and it’s NSFW.

It was at the Dungeon Larry met a tri-sexual porn star dominatrix named Mistress Ilsa Strix. You may know her from such classic films as Dance Of The Whip, Toe Slave and The Temple of the Shemale.

At work with Mistress Strix

Apparently it was submissiveness at first sight for Larry who became obsessed with Misstress Strix, lavishing her with gifts in exchange for all night bondage sessions where he would dress up as Marilyn Monroe and act as her slave while she punished him to his hearts content. 

Not long after they met, Strix started taking her work home with her – much to the chagrin of her husband, porn star Buck Angel. You may recall him from such seminal films as “Buckback Mountain”, “Pigass” and “UFC: Ultimate Fucking Club.”

As with this whole story, things weren’t quite what they seemed with big, buff, maxi-tattooed Buck either. Though not at all obvious to the naked eye, Buck was a walking reverse Crying Game. He was born a woman and transitioned almost entirely to become a man. Almost.

In the biz Buck Angel is known as “the dude with a pussy”.

Anyway, Buck was surprised by how taken with Larry Mistress Strix was. They were both big Matrix fans (need I say more?) but s/he sensed something wasn’t right. Shortly after meeting Larry, Strix moved out of the modest pad that porn built and began doing Wachowski full time.

Larry even flew Strix to Australia to be with him during the filming of the Matrix sequels. Apparently he picked her up at the airport dressed as Lana but unhappily remained in male mode while filming.

In 2002 Larry and his wife of 15 years, Thea, divorced and he began living with Strix.
'Larry has been extremely dishonest with me in our personal life'. Thea said in the divorce papers, in what was unanimously voted the understatement of the year for 2003.

The BDSM community in LA, of which Strix was a prominent member were under the impression she was using Larry for his millions and chalked this up to her sharp business mind. But anyone who has ever seen her honkey website http://ilsa-strix.com/main/index.shtml would doubt her sharp business mind even exists.

After their divorce Buck Angel moved to New Orleans and ended up marrying the woman who pierced Lenny Kravits’ nose and nipples. He continues to star in his own brand of porn – and with a name like Buck he’ll never run out of film title puns. If you can think of any shoot him a line http://www.buckangel.com/index.html.
He seems like a pretty open guy. His most recent release was titled “V for Vagina.” So he seems to be moving on.

 Lana and Isla 

All is silent on the Wachowski front – as usual. There have been rumours that Lana and Ilsa broke up, but there have been equally as many rumours that they stayed together. Some say they spend most of their time in London. It’s possible this level of kink could go unnoticed there.

Now the Wachowski brothers are no more. However the Wachowski’s continue to make films together. They are currently working on a gay war movie set amidst the backdrop of the war in Afganistan. Type “Larry Wachowski” into IMDB and it will route you straight to Lana Wachowski’s page.  Larry is nothing more than a pseudonym Lana used to use. 

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