Monday, October 25, 2010


How you do drag with those eyebrows is beyond me

Lee Tamahori is a New Zealand film director who hit the big time with his gritty, violent and confronting film “Once Were Warriors.” Like most film folk from the Southern hemisphere the second he had a hit on his hands he rode the wave off to the US and the land of big budgets and Scientology wierdos. Since he got there he has directed an episode of the “Sopranos”,  the Bond film “Die Another Day” and a few other things you’ve probably never heard of.

This would be the end of the story if I hadn’t received so many email requests for more posts about trannies. In fact it seems our Crying Game loving audience wants all trannies all the time, twenty four seven, 8 days a week. This is where Lee Tamahori re-enters the picture.

In January 2008, Tamahori - dressed in an off the shoulder black dress and a wig, was arrested in LA for offering an undercover cop a blow job for some coin. His lawyers negotiated the prostitution charge down to criminal trespass, but still. Anyone who has seen “Once Were Warriors” has gotta be gape-mouthed about this. Those who knew Tamahori are apparently not taken aback at all.

A friend of Lee’s is quoted as saying “No one was surprised when Lee was arrested for a sex offence. "He's always been kinky in his private life, but the transexual thing was a shock. He's never shown any interest in men sexually.” This “friend” goes on to say that although a latex loving trannie in his personal life, Lee is a consummate professional on set and is very well respected in Hollywood. You can rape, maim, kill or be John Travolta and still be respected in Hollywood, of course a little cross dressing and cop propositioning isn’t going to create waves!