Thursday, July 1, 2010


Not many people know this but Vince Vaughn used to be quite pretty circa Swingers. In a few short years his face went from this. What the fuck happened? Many commentators accuse Jennifer Aniston of sucking the hot out of him but it was pretty much all gone by the time she got there. I researched the living hell outta this and finally found the truth. Double V is a huge fan of expensive iron train sets. He is also a huge fan of drinking. One night, whilst tripping the Gin fantastic, VV passed out on the rails of one of his train sets and his face got fucked up by the miniature 3:13am from Peshtigo, Wisconsin. When Vince came-to there was blood on the tracks, no gin left and his leading man good looks had vanished, leaving him as Owen Wilson’s less attractive friend.

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